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Mr S Barnes
Mrs K Grainger

Careers Coordinator

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Mrs G Jaworek

Careers Practitioner

Crofton School’s Personal Development Programme is rooted in best preparing young people for the challenges and opportunities they are likely to encounter in their young adult life and beyond. Effective Career preparation is clearly a central foundation to all that we do and why we do it. In a rapidly changing world, we take the duty of preparing our young people for the world of work in the C21st as paramount and we are keen to equip our young people with the academic, work-place and transferable skills that are required in the world of work. We firmly believe that a young person who understands the different kinds of work, training routes and practicalities of different Career pathways is best equipped to maximise their choices. Our careers guidance programme (hyperlink to the Programme Table) has been designed to meet these needs.

As a school, we are committed to meeting the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks by providing the following:

1. A stable careers programme

2. Learning from Career and Labour Market Information

3. Addressing the needs of each pupil

4. Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers

5. Encounters with Employers and Employees

6. Experience of Workplaces

7. Encounters with Further & Higher Education

8. Personal Guidance


Measuring and assessing the impact of the Crofton School Careers Programme on students


Crofton School continues to produce young people best prepared for the opportunities and challenges beyond the School gates. We gather student feedback on our Careers and Personal Development lessons from students, parents, employers and linked Governors. We monitor the pathways of our students from year 11, to ensure we have provided the best advice and care possible to ensure our pupils make the best decision for them and their future.


Our Careers Programme

We cover careers across age ranges through multiple channels and structures because it is one of the key ends. Specifically, Career-related lessons and reflection opportunities are provided through discrete lessons in Personal Development Learning (PDL), assemblies, events in school, online and visits off-site, ICT lessons as well as the usual Mock Interview and Work Experience events.

We will disseminate relevant information to students through assemblies, registration and other sources such as our half-termly Careers Newsletter.

If you have any questions or would like further assistance, please contact:

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