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Crofton Community Book Club


This club is an opportunity for those who work within the school and the families of our students to come together, but also a chance to share the love of reading for pleasure, or even ignite it! 


  • To meet half-termly to informally discuss the book and socialise. (We will read one book each half-term and meet at the end.) 

  • To provide an opportunity to bring staff and the families of Crofton school together. 

  • To provide an opportunity to engage in reading for pleasure. 

  • To allow us to carve out time in our busy lives to prioritise reading - which is amazing for our well-being! 

  • To provide an opportunity to share different perspectives and give everyone a voice.


If you, or an extended family member, would like further information about the club, please register your interest by emailing: 
Alternatively, please speak to Mrs Silvester-Mitchell and Mrs West for more information. 

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