School Uniform

All Students

  • Navy blue Viscount school blazer with embroidered school badge

  • Black ‘traditional’ trousers (not wide, tightly fitting, flared, low waistband or ‘hipster’. Leggings, elasticated material and denim materials are not permitted)

  • Short or long-sleeved school shirt in white

  • School tie

  • Plain black or dark grey socks only.

  • Coat, without offensive logo or writing

  • Sturdy leather shoes, or leather look, plain black footwear, without prominent logos. Boots, high heeled shoes, canvas shoes, backless shoes and stiletto heels should not be worn

Optional alternatives

  • Navy pullover with embroidered school badge worn under school blazer

  • Black tailored skirt (to be no shorter than 1 inch above the middle of the knee, with no side slits). Stretch jersey ‘tube’ skirts and ‘skater’ style skirts are not acceptable

  • Natural skin tone or black tights

  • Black shorts (above the knee and no shorter than 1 inch above the middle of the knee), traditional in style not wide or ‘baggy’, tightly fitting, low waistband or ‘hipster’. Elasticated and denim materials are not permitted

PE Kit – Boys and Girls

  • Navy blue tennis/polo style shirt with collar with Crofton PE logo

  • Black sports leggings with the Crofton Logo

  • Navy blue shorts (not cycling shorts). Shorts should be above knee in length

  • Long navy blue socks for outdoor lessons

  • White sports socks for indoor lessons

  • Trainers

  • Shin pads, Gum Shield

Optional Extras for PE

  • Predominantly navy blue track suit

  • Rugby shirt with school colours

  • Navy blue fleece with Crofton PE logo


Other Notes

  • All items should be clearly marked with the forename and surname.

  • No jewellery should be worn, with the exception of a maximum of one pair of small, plain sleepers or studs. No other piercings are allowed, including plastic retainers.

  • A watch may be worn at the owner’s risk.

  • Hair should be naturally coloured and kept tidy. No extreme hairstyles – for example shaved heads or shaved patterns in the hair. If you are considering allowing your son/daughter to change their hairstyle, please consult the school uniform policy.

  • Make-up, if worn, should be unobtrusive. Acrylic nails/false nails and coloured nail polishes are not allowed.

  • “Plain” as applied to items on this sheet encompasses the following:

        Style – simple as far as possible

        Materials – un-patterned and without decorations e.g. lettering, badges,

        embroidery etc.

        Colour – single

  • School uniform can be obtained from: Skoolkit, Trinity Street, Fareham.

  • School House ties can currently be purchased via Sco Pay: Upper and Lower School ties, £5.00

  • Blazers can be purchased via the Finance team at a reduced rate. Please email with any queries relating to uniform orders.

Final decisions about the appropriateness of school uniform rest with the Headteacher.

Required Stationery Equipment

  • Pen

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Rubber

  • Scientific calculator

  • Highlighter

  • Optional glue stick

Please note all equipment must be in a pencil case.