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Uniform & Equipment

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Uniform can be purchased in 3 ways >

  1. Through Skoolkit directly.

  2. Through Pre-loved uniform shop.

  3. Blazers can be purchased at a discounted rate through Crofton ScoPay.

Blazers via Crofton School ScoPay

We are pleased to advise you that we have secured a discount with Skoolkit for the Crofton School Blazers and are able to pass this saving on to you, please see the price list below*.

To order, please log in to your child’s ScoPay account.

(You will find Blazers and Ties under the Uniform category.)


If you have any queries with ScoPay, please email .

All Students

Navy blue Viscount school blazer with embroidered school badge

Black ‘traditional’ trousers

(not wide, tightly fitting, flared, low waistband or ‘hipster’. Leggings, elasticated material and denim materials are not permitted)

Short or long-sleeved school shirt in white

School tie

Plain black or dark grey socks only.

Coat, without offensive logo or writing


Sturdy leather shoes, or leather look, plain black footwear, without prominent logos.

(Boots, high-heeled shoes, canvas shoes, backless shoes and stiletto heels should not be worn)

Optional Alternatives

Navy pullover with embroidered school badge (worn under a school blazer)

Black Standard Skirt

From January, should a student choose to wear a skirt it must be a standard skirt which is available from Skoolkit, our standard uniform supplier.


These skirts will be compulsory from January 2024, The link can be found here  Of course, the option is still there to wear smart tailored trousers (not leggings) but from January 2024, no other skirts will be acceptable.


Until January 2024 students may still wear a black tailored skirt (to be no shorter than 1 inch above the middle of the knee, with no side slits. Stretch jersey ‘tube’ skirts and ‘skater’ style skirts are not acceptable).

Natural skin tone or black tights

Black shorts

(above the knee and no shorter than 1 inch above the middle of the knee, traditional in style not wide or ‘baggy’, tightly fitting, low waistband or ‘hipster’. Elasticated and denim materials are not permitted)

PE Kit




  • Navy blue/royal trim PE T-shirt with Crofton PE logo

  • Navy blue shorts (Tight fitted cycling shorts/Nike Pro style are not permitted)

  • White sports socks

  • Trainers with non-marking soles.


Additional options


  • Black sports leggings with the Crofton Logo

  • Plain navy blue tracksuit trousers and/or top – Branded or non-branded.

  • Navy blue fleece with Crofton PE logo

  • Long navy blue socks for outdoor lessons

  • Shin pads and gum shields are​ recommended for certain activities.


Please note:

All Crofton branded PE items can be substituted for plain non-branded equivalents.

General  Uniform Notes

All items should be clearly marked with the forename and surname.

No jewellery should be worn, with the exception of a maximum of one pair of small, plain sleepers or studs. No other piercings are allowed, including plastic retainers.

A watch may be worn at the owner’s risk.

Hair should be naturally coloured and kept tidy. No extreme hairstyles – for example shaved heads or shaved patterns in the hair.

Make-up, if worn, should be unobtrusive. Acrylic nails/false nails and coloured nail polishes are not allowed.


“Plain” as applied to items on this sheet encompasses the following:

Style – simple as far as possible

Materials – un-patterned and without decorations e.g. lettering, badges, embroidery etc.

Colour – single

Final decisions about the appropriateness of school uniform rest with the Headteacher.

Price List

Day Wear

Stationery Equipment

Required Stationery Equipment:

  • Pen

  • Purple biro

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Rubber

  • Scientific calculator

  • Highlighter

  • Reading Book

  • Glue Stick (optional)


Please note all equipment must be in a pencil case.

Please email with any queries relating to uniform orders.

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