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Road Safety


Cycle Code of Conduct

Students who cycle to school are expected to adhere to the Highway Code and demonstrate the same Kindness, Ambition and Diligence we would expect when in school.

Students are expected to maintain their cycles in good working order - checks may be carried out at any time by visiting Police Officers and bikes that are deemed not road-worthy will need to be collected. If this is not possible, the bike will be safely stored on-site until it can be collected.

Students are encouraged to wear a cycle helmet which meets current safety regulations.

Students are encouraged to wear a bright outer layer of clothing to aid visibility.

Bike lights must be used when visibility is poor.

All cyclists must dismount when entering school premises.

The security of cycles is the responsibility of the individual and measures should be taken to protect against theft.

If a member of the public witnesses any dangerous or inconsiderate behaviour shown by Crofton School students whilst cycling to or from school they will be encouraged to report it to the Police.

Highway Code

Further guidance about safe cycling and legal requirements can be found here:

Bike Path
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