Crofton and Anti-bullying

At Crofton School, all learners have a right to learn and all teachers have a right to teach, free from intimidation and fear. As a result, we will not condone or tolerate bullying of any kind. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and caring environment for all of our learners to flourish – all members of the school community (teachers, learners, support staff and governors) are given training on how to spot bullying and how to deal with it when it occurs.

Everyone has a responsibility in ensuring that bullying does not take place and that all reported incidents will always be taken seriously. Support will be provided for bullied learners – they will be listened to and helped with positive strategies to help them cope. Appropriate sanctions and challenge will be put in place to help bullies change their behaviour.
For more details, please refer to our Anti-Bullying policy.


Seen Bullying?

If you suspect that you (or someone you know) is the target of bullying then there are several steps you can take. Please read the relevant sections below.

General Questions

Do you offer group training?

Yes we do!

We offer different group classes based on your dogs age and sometimes their existing skill level!

To know what to book in to, here is a quick guide:

If your dog is under 16 weeks of age, you are looking for "Puppy Magic!"

If your dog is over 16 weeks of age, you are looking for "Best Mates!"

If you have completed "Best Mates!" with us or one of our trainers has done an assesment with you privately and advised you to do our intermediate training, you are looking for "Unleashed!"
If you are still unsure of what to do, fill out the contact form at the bottom of our website homepage or give us a call !

Do you offer private training?

Yes we do!

We offer 1-1 sessions, In-Home Training and Dog Walking Services. Have a look at the Private Training tab on our website homepage or in the Bookings page for more information on each of them!

I would like to socialise my dog, can you help?

We certainly can!

Due to the fact that we run group classes for dogs of all ages, you can rest assured we have a spot for you somewhere!

All of our group classes generally have between 8 - 12 other dogs/people and 1 - 2 trainers.
Our top priority is making sure that everyone and their furry friends are safe, so you can feel confident that you will be able to socialise saftely and devlop skills with your dog in a very controlled environment!

Are there any spots left in this course?

We do often book out, however, you will be able to tell if a course has space left in it by starting the booking process. If, when you click on the service you would like it says, "Book Now", then that means there is still space!

If, when you click on the service you would like it says, "This Service is Unavailable for Booking", that means that it is booked out!

If the service you want is booked out, have a look at the next set that are starting.

Do you have experience with my dogs breed?

We sure do!

Bonnies has been in business for over 46 years so you can feel very confident that we have dealt with your dog's breed many times and have acheived great results!

Is there support after we complete training?

There sure is!

After you complete a course with Bonnies, you receive a "Gold Card" with your certificate, this entitles you to contact Bonnies for the entire life of your dog to ask questions, receive guidance and organise further training, tailored to your specific wants and needs.
We are always more than happy to help you whenever we can!

How do I book in?

It's super easy to book in!

All you have to do is click on the service you would like to book in for and click "Book Now". You will input some information like you and your dogs names (This is so we know who you are when you show up and we can tick you off!).

It will also take you through the whole payment process on our secure checkout!

If the "Book Now" button is instead replaced by "The service is unavailable for booking", it means that particular service is fully booked!

How often do you start new courses?

We start our Puppy Magic courses every 2 weeks at The Gap and every 4 weeks at Red Hill and Aspley!

We start our Best Mates courses every 3 weeks at The Gap!

If, for example, you are getting your pup in 4 weeks time, you may not see a class on the website yet for that time. All you have to do is wait and the new classes will go up shortly as previous ones finish!

For advice on how to report cyber bullying or abuse on social media please see here:


Facebook does not tolerate bullying and say they will remove bullying content when they become aware of it and may disable the account of anyone who bullies or attacks another. They have a set of community standards that they adhere to and it states that they will not tolerate:

  • Pages that identify and shame private individuals,
  • Images altered to degrade private individuals,
  • Photos or videos of physical bullying posted to shame the victim,
  • Sharing personal information to blackmail or harass people and
  • Repeatedly targeting other people with unwanted friend requests or messages.
You can report bullying on Facebook using the report links which appear near the content itself, normally on a drop down arrow which gives you menu option to report the image, post or comment.


If you receive a tweet or reply that you don't like, you can unfollow that person. If they continue to contact you, you can block the user (just click on the head icon on their profile and select block user). You may find that as they are unable to get through to you, they will lose interest. However, if this is not the case and you continue to receive unwanted replies, abuse or threats, you can report it here straight to Twitter directly. If you know a friend or family member is being abused on Twitter, they have advice pages that can help with step by step help.


You have every right to use YouTube without fear of being subjected to bullying or harassment. Bullying can be reported and action taken when things cross a line. To flag a video you think is inappropriate (click on the little flag bottom right of the video) and YouTube will take a look at it to see whether it breaks their terms of use. If it does then they will remove it. YouTube rules say you can't upload videos with hate content, nudity or graphic violence and if you find one on someone else's space, click on the video to flag it as inappropriate. If under comments, you are being bullied, harassed or threats are being made, they have a reporting tool page where you can report the bullying and they will investigate.

Messaging Apps - Instagram

Bullying or abuse on Instagram can happen in many ways. It can be either negative comments, fake profiles or hacking of accounts. Instagram take all of these violations very seriously and have plenty of advice on their pages if you or someone you know is being bullied or abused on Instagram. Their advice initially is to block and unfollow the person who is being abusive. However, if it continues or it has gotten worse, you can use their in-app reporting tool. This page has details on how to report the abuse directly to them.

Messaging Apps - Snapchat

Snapchat is an app that allows users to send pictures to each other that disappear off screen within a set amount of time. Unfortunately, there is bullying on Snapchat in the form of screenshots, sending pics without permission, negative comments and more. If this is the case for you or someone you know they can block a user, tap the Menu icon, select “My Friends,” locate their name in the list and swipe right across their name. If you would like to delete a friend from your contacts, press “Delete.” Even if you haven’t added the user as a friend, their name will still appear in the “My Friends” list under “Recent” if they have sent you a message recently. If you receive an inappropriate photo or someone's harassing or bullying you, report it by filling out their online form.

Messaging Apps - WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger lets people sends instant messages, videos, photos, and short audio messages to either one person or within a group chat. Messages can only be sent to other smartphone users who also have WhatsApp. Once you install the app, it checks your address book to see if anyone else you know is already using WhatsApp, and connects you automatically. You have to be over 16 to use WhatsApp legally. Bullying can take many forms as it is a messaging service and we often hear of abusive group chats. You can block and delete the contact. You can find out more by emailing them at

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