Crofton and Anti-bullying

At Crofton School, all learners have a right to learn and all teachers have a right to teach, free from intimidation and fear. As a result, we will not condone or tolerate bullying of any kind. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and caring environment for all of our learners to flourish – all members of the school community (teachers, learners, support staff and governors) are given training on how to spot bullying and how to deal with it when it occurs.

Everyone has a responsibility in ensuring that bullying does not take place and that all reported incidents will always be taken seriously. Support will be provided for bullied learners – they will be listened to and helped with positive strategies to help them cope. Appropriate sanctions and challenge will be put in place to help bullies change their behaviour.
For more details, please refer to our Anti-Bullying policy.


Seen Bullying?

If you suspect that you (or someone you know) is the target of bullying then there are several steps you can take. Please read the relevant sections below.

For advice on how to report cyber bullying or abuse on social media please see here: