At Crofton school the safeguarding of our students is paramount. If at any time during your visit to the school you have any concerns about a student you encounter, you should report this to a member of staff immediately.

If you feel a student is at risk or is the subject of abuse you must contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead immediately.

You should report any of the following signs:

  • Is the student bruised or do they have injuries?

  • Is the student talking about violence at home?

  • Is the student acting in a way;

  • inappropriate for their age?

  • Is the student showing signs of being neglected?

How to respond if a student says they want to tell you something or begins to tell you:


Tell them that you will have to pass the information on and to whom.  Do not ask them to repeat themselves.  Listen and do not prompt them.  Reassure them and tell them they have done the right thing by telling you.


Crofton School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.  Therefore we request that whilst you are at Crofton School you abide by our policies and procedures which are there to keep everybody safe. Please ensure you wear your identification or visitor’s badge at all times whilst on the premises. All visitors are required to sign in at Reception before entering the school and sign out before they leave.

Emergency Evacuation > If the alarm is sounded you should leave the building as stated on the Fire Drill poster in the room/area you are in. All should leave quietly via the nearest exit and without any personal belongings e.g. bags. Proceed quickly and quietly to the muster point. Students will need to muster with their Tutor Group. A register will be taken for students in their Tutor Group and for staff and visitors.

First Aid >  Any student exhibiting any medical concerns or who seems ill should be referred to the Medical Room as soon as possible in order that they can be assessed. If urgent attention is required, please dial 0 from any internal telephone to connect with Reception telling them the student’s name and location and brief symptoms and they will notify the Medical Room.

Health and Safety > Health and safety issues are regularly monitored to ensure that the school provides a safe environment for all students, staff and visitors. You have a responsibility to ensure that your actions do not put others at risk.  Please ensure you follow instructions whilst on site and do not operate machinery you are not trained to use.


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Amanda Knight

Designated Safeguarding Lead

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Paul Williams

Deputy Safeguarding Lead