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Employable Me

Crofton School has a long history of inviting students to reflect on their “soft” skills that are often already in the young people but may need identifying, celebrating and further developing.


We stress that whilst Academic Certificates undoubtedly provide the keys to open certain doors to Colleges, Post 16 routes and Apprenticeships/University courses, it is often the soft skills that finally clinch the training course or job and marks one out from the equally academically qualified competition. “Employable Me” addresses 8 key transferable skills: Creative Problem Solving, Good Work Ethic, Entrepreneurial Thinking, Verbal Communication, Written Communication, Resilience, Leadership and Teamwork; these are all skills that Business and Industry greatly value and we intuitively recognise as being of great importance in a young person’s development.


We provide Assemblies focussing on these key themes and all Lower School Tutors host discussions unpicking these skills and what they look like in our day to day school lives and then in the world of work. This reflective and developmental work is built upon in the middle and upper schools with such events as Work Experience and the Mock Interview Day.

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