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Parent Communications

Parent Communications Code of Conduct 

Kindness is central to our school values. It is the foundation for how everyone in our school community works together every day. We want to ensure efficient and appropriate communications between parents and school, and protect the wellbeing of everyone involved. Therefore we ask whenever you contact the school you follow this code of conduct.

Who to contact

Parental concerns should be addressed to the staff member most involved in the subject of your enquiry, unless it is of a very personal nature to do with that staff member, in which case it should be addressed for the attention of the subject leader/ line manager. If you are unsure who this might be please contact school reception who will be happy to help.


  • Approaching someone else’s child in order to challenge them because of their actions towards your own child is not acceptable and may be reported to the police.

  • Meetings will be arranged where and when it is deemed necessary. Concerns around safety or child protection will be dealt with immediately, otherwise appointments will need to be made in advance to meet with a member of staff. We will not make staff available on demand when a parent visits reception. The Headteacher will only become involved when there is no resolution. 

Content of communications
  • The communication should reflect the information you have currently received; the assumption should be that you have one version of the matter which is a concern, and that further investigation will be needed to establish the full picture.

  • Defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments on social media sites, or by any means of communication, regarding Crofton School, its students, parents/carers or staff, will not be accepted, and may be reported to the relevant authorities.


  • Parents will represent their own views and should not seek to present themselves as a spokesperson for others.


  • We aim to deal with any complaints seriously and work to resolve them quickly. It is not necessary to threaten staff with the governors, the press, LA or Ofsted as a means to accelerate this process. If you need to make a formal complaint our policy for this can be found on the school policy page: (search) Complaints Policy


Tone of Communications
  • Inflammatory comments or statements should be avoided and the tone should be courteous at all times – emotive and accusatory words such as ‘disgusting’, abusive, threatening or defamatory statements should not be included.

Actions taken if this Code of Conduct is not followed
  • Any communications delivered in a meeting or by telephone call, which do not comply with the above, will be reminded of our expectations. Should the behaviour continue, then the conversation will be brought to a close.

  • Any communications received which do not comply with this code of conduct, will be returned unattended until the communications meet the expectations outlined above.

  • Parents/Carers who repeatedly breach this code of conduct will be subject to restricted access to staff.

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