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Why News Can Be Troubling for Some People

When watching the news, it can cause you to live in a state of constant worry and impending doom. This is why we need to know how to deal with this.

Although social media can give you an opportunity to share your feelings and enhance your education, there are also some negative impacts including: anxiety, depression, addition to social media, cyberbullying, and exposure to fake news.

If you feel like you’ve ended up in a negative social media spiral, here are a few tips for how to help you escape this:

  • Avoid triggering topics in the news – when a personal connection exists with the news, it can heighten the stress that you feel

  • Limit your news consumption

  • Be conscious of your social media use

  • Practice good stress management

  • Understand that it’s normal

  • Have other options of things to do, e.g. read a book or listen to music

  • Utilise your time doing something calming

  • Learn to switch off

  • Rethink your news sources

  • Try to understand why the news is upsetting you

  • Have ‘no news’ time with close friends or family

  • Accept your level of control

We spoke with some local residents to see what they advise when news troubles them:

“I indeed find some of the news, especially around this time, hard. I have managed to cope by: turning off the television, reading only the headlines or focusing on the positive news only.” – Local Librarian.

Other recommendations included: focusing on the positive things to be grateful for in our lives, avoid looking at your phone, or trying to limit how often you watch the news to only once a day.

A member of the public stated that: “I generally try to help people in these situations on the news by: donating money, thinking of other families, and helping to support the NHS.”

Remember, emotions are a natural response. If you feel troubled by anything, switching off from the news or your social media feeds can really help, but don’t forget to talk to an adult or a friend.

By Lilarnie C and Ellie A - Year 7


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