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U16 Girls District Cup Winners

On Tuesday 27th June 2023, 13 students and I from Crofton School represented the school in a Girls Football District Final. After successfully beating Henry Court 2-0 in the semi-final we advanced to the final that was played at Bridgemary against Portchester school. After a long and tense 90 minutes the score ended 5-3 in Crofton’s favour. Mr Playford and Mr Bayford were extremely proud of the victory!

It was a very unpredictable match with Crofton taking the lead, before Portchester equalised minutes after. Crofton went on to score another 3 goals before the half was over (1 of them curled straight in from a corner kick) and Portchester managed another 1. Crofton came out strong in the second half scoring another goal after a wonderful team build up. Portchester looked strong as they scored a third but Crofton managed to keep it 5-3 to win the cup.

It was an exhausting match and I am proud of the team performance. The team worked incredibly hard in the matches leading to the final and we are proud to have achieved what we have with such a special group of girls.

By Connie G - 9ABW


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