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Ski Trip 2024 - Day One: Ski Ya Later!

After all the build up we’re finally off on our adventure to Austria. Our drive down to Dover couldn’t have been smoother. We boarded the ferry and journeyed across the Chanel to France.  The crossing was fine, but a little choppy in places.


Some dinner and then a couple of films (including Eddie the Eagle) as we drove through France and Belgium over night. It’s never easy to sleep on a coach - especially with no spare seats, however everyone was extremely patient and respectful of one another.


Some breakfast near Munich, with views of the Allianz Arena, provided the perfect opportunity to fuel up before our last charge towards Obertauern. Unfortunately, we joined a rather large traffic jam near Salzburg which lasted over 3 hours - but what’s 3 hours when you’ve already done 24?!


Before we knew it we had arrived at our hotel, Felseralm Jugendhotel. 28 hours of living together in confined conditions was over and we could experience the snow for the first time. 


As you can imagine, everyone was thrilled to have some food, shower and get their heads down for some proper sleep. This would all happen once we’d ventured to get our ski boots, and skis fitted. 


A wholesome meal and some downtime was the perfect set up before a good nights sleep before our first day of skiing tomorrow!




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