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Bletchley Park review

Last month, our Year 8 students went on a trip to visit the once top-secret home of the World War Two Codebreakers. Bletchley Park is now a vibrant heritage attraction. Immersive films, interactive displays, museum collections and faithfully created WW2 rooms guide you on a journey to discover its fascinating past.

Find out more about the brilliant minds and complex machines that made this vital work possible and discover the global impact Bletchley Park had on the outcome of WW2. Personal Cyber Security workshop: our lives are becoming ever more digitally connected.

Here is a review from our Year 8 student, Megan G (8ERN):

Upon visiting Bletchley Park, my friends and I learnt many new things and enjoyed ourselves. We got to see the Enigma machine and learnt about how it works. We were taught about cyber security, and made some codes of our own.

We were gifted with an informative guided tour in which we learnt the history of the beautiful mansion and grounds.

Overall; Bletchley Park was a wonderful experience. I would do it again.


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