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Ski Trip 2024 - Day Four: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

We woke up to find a fresh layer of snow on the slopes this morning, which is both great to ski on and rather tricky, as it makes the slopes quite bumpy in patches. 


Four groups headed to the edelweissbahn lifts and two groups headed to a longer and wider green slope to further develop their skills from yesterday. It was a bit colder than the previous two days of skiing and the wind certainly stung the cheeks as we ascended up the mountains on the chair lift, but again we saw some fantastic skiing from so many. 


With the fresh snow some slopes had the new challenge of moguls (a build of snow where people turn left and right throughout the day) but with the group still thriving off the amount of confidence we gained yesterday they were met head on - sometimes too head on! 


Each group had lunch separately with their designated teacher and instructor. Some experienced an alpine restaurant for the first time, before heading back out on the slopes. We all enjoyed an afternoon of skiing and refining the skills we were taught in the morning before meeting up as one big group to meet our coach drivers at the base of the mountain. 


We arrived back to the hotel to find a whole field of fresh, untouched snow. There was only one thing for it, snow ball fight! Wading through the waist height snow was absolutely exhausting after our day of skiing so once Mr Bayford had been pelted by a few snowballs we quickly returned to our rooms for a bit of rest before dinner. 


Our activity this evening was swimming at Erlebnis-Therme Amade. For some this was the perfect hydrotherapy for any aches and pains (mainly the staff) but also an opportunity to have some fun on the slides and different plunge pools on offer, a few brave souls also ventured into the freezing temperatures to use the outdoors pool, which was lovely and warm when you reached it.


We finish another great day feeling proud of the progress we’ve made and ready for a good nights sleep. 




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