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Our Climate

What happens to all the plastic pollution in our seas and on our land?

What can we do to support our environment?

The effect of plastic pollution is colossal, so as individuals, we should all try to help with reducing pollution. Even if that’s just recycling our waste or participating in a beach clean. We need everyone to help, and if we can get the whole world looking after our planet, the new generation may have fewer environmental problems.

Get your friends and family involved!

How much damage are we doing?

At the rate that we are polluting the ocean, with around 12.7 million tonne of plastic a year, the damage we are doing to marine life and our ecosystem is becoming irreparable. Our actions over the next 10 years will determine the state of the ocean for the next 10,000 years to come. 2020 was the most polluted year, let’s keep it like that.

Why do people pollute?

Mostly, people like myself don’t even realise that they are polluting until someone tells them. The important thing is for adults and children to be proactive and positive about climate change; plus helping out with even the simplest of actions, such as recycling.

By Ella B - Year 7


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