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Charitable Christmas Cheer

Spread cheer this Christmas with charitable donations and support.

Christmas is a time for family, friends and fun. However, for some people, Christmas is a time for financial worry. As people get into the Christmas state of mind, we tend to forget many difficulties that people are facing during this period of time.

Over the past few weeks, Year 10 Student Support Leader, Mrs McGarrity, has put together a few different activities for students to contribute to this Christmas time.

One of these activities was a harvest food drive, and this act of kindness was supported and encouraged by various charities over Fareham and Gosport, who are working with us to give less privileged families food over Christmas. A huge 237 donations were given from Year 10 alone! These donations varied from household items to three course meals; anything that could help spread cheer throughout these tough times.

Currently being organised is a Big Christmas Wrap, which will take place after school on Wednesday 15th December. The National Lottery has very kindly given money to several charities within the local area. This money has gone into buying presents for the elderly at Stubbington Community Centre this Christmas. We have been very lucky to be asked if some of our students could give some of their time to help wrap 100 presents, and out of the entirety of Year 10, 43 students volunteered.

I spoke to Mrs McGarrity about her opinion on the students getting involved:

“I am very proud of the students in Year 10 for volunteering their time for such a worthy cause and to help look after the elderly this Christmas.”

Help out this Christmas time, the slightest donation can make a huge difference!

By Maija A - Year 10

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