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Young Carers

At Crofton school, we are going to be offering support for our Young Carers. This support will be regular lunch time meetings, peer support and support to any potential barriers in school. Your child may be classed as a young carer if there are any of the following circumstances in your household.

· A family member with a disability or illness? ​

· A sibling with ADHD or Autism ​

· A family member who experiences mental health difficulties.​

· A family member who struggles with substance misuse​

It is estimated that in the UK there are around 700,000 young carers.​ Being a young carer​ could mean that your child may have additional responsibilities. ​Such as physical, practical and emotional responsibilities.

Being a young carer often means looking after a family member who is ill or helping them by looking after the other members of the family while they can't. This can be short term caring and long term.

It can be hard work being a young carer. However, many young people cope well with caring, especially if they have support from other family members and community. However, it’s important they look after themselves too. ​

If you think your child could be a young carer and you would like some more information. Please contact the school and ask to speak to either Mrs Isaj or Mr Farmer.

Thank you


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