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Prom arrangements

Thursday 29 June 2023 at The Village Hotel, Portsmouth.

Students should make their own way to the hotel and upon arrival there will be a red carpet for students to have their photo taken. Arrival is between 6 – 6.30pm.

Transport & Parking

Students arriving in Prom cars, can use the main hotel entrance - address for this is The Village Hotel, Lakeshore Drive, Portsmouth PO6 3FR.

The hotel ask that parent/relatives do not park in their car park. Visitors can use Car Park A in Lakeside next door. Drive into Lakeside and follow the one-way system all the way round and it is the last car park closer to the hotel. There is a red and white barrier and this is called ‘Visitors overflow parking’ and once you are parked, there is an underpass you can use, which will save you having to cross the road. The address for this is "1000 Lakeside North Harbour, Western Rd, Cosham, Portsmouth PO6 3EN". There will be sign posts and a clear pathway that will take you no more than about 3 minutes to walk between the two.

  • Food will be served at 7pm and the disco will start at 9pm.

  • Students will need cash or card to purchase non-alcoholic drinks from the bar.

  • Students must not arrive ‘under the influence’. If they do, they will not be allowed in the venue.

  • Students should be picked up no later than 11pm.


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