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Year 10 - Hospitality and Catering opportunity

South Hampshire College Group has an exciting opportunity for Year 10 students. They must be interested in a future of working within the hospitality and catering sector & building a career around their culinary skills. We are working in Partnership with Compass Group UK&I & Brakes to deliver this opportunity.

An exciting 10-week culinary programme for students aged between 14-16 years to enable them to learn how to cook safely while inspiring students to take their first step of their culinary journey with Compass Group. Upon completion of the Junior Chef Academy programme, students will host a special graduation evening, which features their own chosen special menu which they prepare and cook for the guests, including their families. The students will be the centre focus for their knowledge and skills and a special presentation ensures all students are recognised for their progress and achievements.

All students who complete the Junior Chef Academy will be invited to experience working within a Compass Group Kitchen and enjoy working closely with Compass Groups professional chefs.

Additionally, all students who are interested in perusing a career in hospitality, will be added to Compass Groups Central Apprenticeship Team talent pool data, ensuring that when the time is right for the students, they can begin to consider their first steps on the Compass career ladder, including the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence through the culinary apprenticeships available.

This will take place at our Fareham College campus. The first date in learning will be Wednesday 24th April and each consecutive Wednesday (excluding May Half Term), the time each Wednesday will be 4.30pm – 6.30pm, they must make their own way here and have parental/guardian consent. They will be provided with chef whites.

I have attached a short power point you may wish to share with parents, it will be on a first come first served basis and there will be a short mini interview with one of the professional chefs before acceptance onto the course.

Please complete the form to register your interest – or use the QR code below.

Please direct any questions or enquiries to


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