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Verity - Book Review

US best seller and #1 New York Times best-selling author, Colleen Hoover, is famously known for her outstanding young adult romance stories and incredibly populated novellas. From her first release in 2011 of ‘Slammed’, Hoover has managed to gain extreme popularity throughout the years, from her releases of ‘Ugly Love’ in 2014 to ‘Heart Bones’ in 2020, but not all of her books are as romantic as it seems. Moving away from her usual genre of romance, in 2018, Hoover decided to step out into the psychological thriller world and, well, is there anything she can’t write? ‘Verity’ is an extremely captivating and intriguing book that will keep you reading relentlessly until you realise you’ve finished it.

Verity is a story about an extremely talented and popular writer Verity Crawford, an author whose life was put on hold after a traumatic and severe car accident leaving her unable to carry on writing. After the accident, Verity’s husband Jeremy set out to find a writer just as talented as Verity to finish the half-made series Verity was no longer able to complete.

Lowen Ashleigh is a struggling, young up-and-coming author. Ever since her mother died, leaving Lowen unable to pay rent, she slowly started to lose all hope that things would ever go right, until a job offer left her unable to say no.

After being given the offer to write the rest of Verity’s series, Lowen stayed with Jeremy in their family home to gather some information about the series before she started writing, but plots thicken and a huge twist ends up with Lowen discovering a brutally honest autobiography that was never meant for anyone’s eyes…

Since finding the biography, Lowen struggled to focus on anything else, always managing to sneak back and read a chapter more, leaving her with more questions than she started with. Lowen struggles with the decision on whether or not to tell Jeremy; she decides showing him this bone-chilling, absolutely traumatising autobiography, would stop Jeremy from continuing to love Verity and could ruin their family forever.

This novel takes you through so many twists and turns that as soon as you think you’ve just about figured it out, the plot changes, thickens and the suspense grows, leaving you physically unable to put the book down.

Hoover definitely has a talent for drawing readers in, she never fails.

By Maija A – Year 10


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