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Launching today: Bedrock Bingo

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are so excited to be launching Bedrock Bingo today!

Every week, each year group has a new word of the week based on what students have been learning on Bedrock in the last week.

This week’s words of the week are:

  • Year 7 = Conclude

  • Year 8 = Nomadic

  • Year 9 = Conversely

We share the KS3 Words of the Week every Monday on our website and on our Twitter feed.

To play Bedrock Bingo, students should use their year group’s word of the week – either in their writing or verbally in conversation – and each use of the weekly word completes a box on the bingo card.

For example, students may write a sentence in their exercise book using their word of the week in the context of the lesson, they could use the word in a question that they ask their teacher, or students could even use the word in a conversation at home.

When students use a word of the week, they should write the word in one of the Bedrock Bingo boxes, and have an adult (parent, guardian, teacher) sign in the same box to verify that they have used the word correctly in a written or verbal sentence.

Completed bingo cards should be placed in the ‘Bedrock Bingo Box’ in Miss Baldock’s classroom (E3) with their name and tutor group on.

Students are encouraged to do this: before school, break time, lunch time, or after school.

Each completed bingo card enters students into the termly raffle.

Should you or your child have any questions about Bedrock Bingo, or Bedrock Learning in general, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Baldock:


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