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KS3 Words of the Week 22.04.24

Our Words of the Week for KS3 this week are:

  • Year 7 - Strive

  • Year 8 - Tamper

  • Year 9 - Stamina

  • MFL (French) - Hier

  • MFL (German) - Gestern

Thank you for generating a knowledge organiser of words that our KS3 students are currently learning!

The Bedrock Tournament launched last Tuesday (16th April). More information can be found at the bottom of this page.

To enter, students need to:

  • Attain at least 20 points per week (Monday-Sunday) for 1 x Raffle Ticket

  • Be in the Top 10 points leaderboard for their year group each week for 1 x Raffle Ticket.

  • Be one of the Top 3 students over the competition duration (16.04-23.05) to be a guaranteed winner.

Raffle will be drawn on the morning of Friday 24th May.

Our Bedrock Tournament Week 1 Results will be shared on our X feed (formerly Twitter) - @CroftonEnglish - throughout the week.


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