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Bedrock Young Author Success

Kai C (7PDN) achieved success in the Bedrock Young Authors competition for his non-fiction story on Christopher Columbus.

Kai has received a goody-bag from Bedrock Learning to celebrate his success, and Kai's story has been published on the Bedrock Learning website here.

Congratulations to Kai!

"Christopher Columbus was born around 1440-1450 in Genoa, Italy. In 1492 Columbus met with two brothers in Palos, Spain. They were sea captains named Martin Alonso Pinzon and Vicente Yanez Pinzon . The brothers helped Columbus obtain three small ships , The 'Santa Maria' the largest, the 'Pinta' and the 'Nina'.

Columbus had earned his living by making and copying maps and charts of the ocean but dreamt of discovering new lands. It was on Friday August 3rd in 1492 that Columbus and the brothers set sail.

Course was set for the canary islands, the furthest westerly islands known.

The journey was not without problems, but Columbus overcomes them to achieve his journey. They made it to the canaries.

Upon leaving the Canaries, they headed West, on October 11th five long weeks since departing the Canary Islands "LAND HO". Columbus thought by sailing West he would reach India, He discovered San Salvador to Cuba. This is why this part of the world is called the West Indies.

Columbus was a hero. He was made admiral of Spain and raise to the rank of nobleman."


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