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Ski Trip 2024 - Day Two: Sensational Skiing but Snow Organisation

Here we are, the one thing we’ve all been waiting for, our first day of skiing! Our first chance to get on the slopes and see what we’re made of. 


Now it needs to be said, there is room for improvement in our ability to find the skis and boots that are ours (and not another schools!) but after some changes in equipment for a handful of students, and Mr Playford - oops, we were assigned our groups and met our instructors! 


We had a great morning of skiing and there was some incredible progress made by so many, from complete beginners to those attempting some 360 degree turns. The weather was tricky to manage with so much snow coming down but all of our students were extremely resilient and persevered regardless.


We had a soggy lunch, most certainly upgraded by the bakery next door! But the break was the ideal opportunity to dry off and take a break from being in our skis all morning.


The afternoon session provided an opportunity for those who wanted to push themselves and move into a more advanced group for tomorrow a chance to show off their progress from morning. Needless to say, we’ll some beginners moving up into our more advanced groups tomorrow! 


We returned to our hotel for a nice hot meal and then some bowling and an opportunity to relax in the hotel. 


We’ll head to bed feeling a little achy from our first day, but we’re excited for tomorrow and another day of making progress on the slopes. 




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