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Ski Trip 2024 - Day Six: Ain’t Snow Stopping Us Now

Our final full day of skiing! I think it’s fair to say that fatigue had started to set in and everyone was a little later down to breakfast than normal. 


But after some breakfast, off we went to meet our instructors at Zehnerkarbahn. This morning would see all of our ski party compete in their ability groups to see who could complete the slalom run in the fastest time. The results of this will be published tomorrow - so we all eagerly await to see if anyone can beat the Lightning McQueen of the slopes, Mr Barnes! 


We all took the gondola up the slope for lunch. It was another beautifully positioned restaurant with very scenic views over the resort. The sun was a welcomed addition and offered lots of opportunity to get some photos.


After lunch we had one or two groups take the gondola down to use some more accommodating slopes but most of the groups managed to work their way through the snow, which was made even more difficult by the slopes being very slushy as a result of the warm weather.


After some great final runs of the day we all met up at the base of the mountain to take off our boots and clamber onto the coach and make our way back to the hotel. We had time to pack our bags a little to ensure we were organised for the morning, leaving just our ski clothing for the morning and the clothes for travelling home.


This evening’s activity was a disco, the perfect way to celebrate our efforts on the slopes and enjoy ourselves. DJ Mr West was on the decks and provided us with some floor fillers to dance into the night. 


We go to bed with a huge smile across our faces having made so many incredible memories that will stay with us for a long time. One more morning of skiing before heading home around 4pm tomorrow.




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