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ScoPay balance checking

Dear Parents / Guardians

Since becoming a cashless school in 2021, students often use the Finance Office to check their ScoPay Canteen balances. We realise that this isn’t an ideal solution for students, therefore, I am pleased to advise we have invested in 2 iDReaders machines for balance checking – one in the Canteen by the water fountains and another by the staircase next to The Croft entrance.

Effective immediately, the Finance Office will no longer be able to assist students in checking their balances and instead will be directing them to the Canteen.

Please support us by checking your child’s ScoPay every day and topping it up in advance to ensure your child’s experience of the Canteen is not affected – please allow at least 1 hour for the funds to clear on your child’s ScoPay account from the time you have added the funds.

You can also set up a daily limit on your child’s account - please contact clearly stating your child’s name and the daily amount so we can set this up for you. In addition, you can set up alerts and notifications to prompt you about low account balances by logging in to your ScoPay account and clicking on the ‘Alerts’ tab – full ScoPay guidance is attached for your reference.

If you have any further queries please contact

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Kind Regards

Finance Team

SCOPAY Parent Guide - Alerts
Download PDF • 600KB


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