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KS3 Words of the Week 13.05.24

Our Words of the Week for KS3 this week are:

  • Year 7 - Woe

  • Year 8 - Sufficient

  • Year 9 - Contend

  • MFL (German) - Morgen

Thank you for generating a knowledge organiser of words that our KS3 students are currently learning!

The Bedrock Tournament launched on Tuesday 16th April.

To enter, students need to:

  • Attain at least 20 points per week (Monday-Sunday) for 1 x Raffle Ticket

  • Be in the Top 10 'points leaderboard' for their year group each week for 1 x Raffle Ticket.

  • Be one of the Top 3 students over the competition duration (16.04-23.05) to be a guaranteed winner.

Raffle will be drawn on the morning of Friday 24th May.

Our Bedrock Tournament Week 4 Results will be shared on our X feed (formerly Twitter) - @CroftonEnglish - throughout the week.


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