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Introduction to Screenplay Writing

We are excited to be starting the first element of our Film Studies coursework in Year 10 which focuses on writing our own screenplay for the opening of a film. 


A professional screenplay has a very strict format which our students will have to demonstrate their understanding of in their work. 


In lessons we have been developing our knowledge of what a screenplay should look like and the features that it must include. 


Here are some useful clips that outlines these rules:




We also explored the purpose of the screenplay. To do this we watched a clip from The Dark Knight which also showed its screenplay running along side it:


Script To Screen: The Dark Knight Joker Interrogation Scene 4k

The Dark Knight Joker Interrogation Scene in 4K alongside the original screenplay written by Jonathan and Christopher Nolan.


Currently in class the students are working on generating their ideas for their screenplay. From we what have seen so far, there are some superb ideas and we look forward to reading what they create! 


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