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Fareham College Application Process - Important Update

A quick update regarding the application process as there have been a few changes.

See details below:

  1. Students to apply for courses of interest online as normal.

  2. The face-to-face interviews have been temporarily removed. Fareham College Careers Advisors will call students between 3pm – 5pm within 3 weeks of applying for an informal interview.

  3. Students will then be invited to intro session(s) via email.

  4. Students to attend intro session(s) as normal.

  5. If the student would like additional advice or information following their intro session(s), they can book in for a chat with one of our Careers Centre Advisors by emailing or calling 01329 815 200.

Students that already have in person interviews booked will be honoured and students must attend as normal.


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