Transition FAQs

Where can we eat at school?

You can eat in the canteen, hall or outside. For Health and Safety reasons, you can’t eat in Science, Art or Technology.

Will I ever be allowed to take off my blazer?

Good question. Normally teachers have no objection to taking off blazers but you have to ask. Usually in summer the Head Teacher makes the decision to allow us to take off our blazers.

Will I be with my friends?

Teachers from your primary school advise Crofton about friends but if you’re not with all of them, don’t worry as you will really soon make new friends. Plus you can still see your friends at break and lunch and in many subjects when you’re not with your tutor group.

Is the Head of Year strict?

The Head of Year 7 can be really strict with some students who don’t behave, but usually all Heads of Year are really friendly.

What is a detention?

A detention is a sanction you are given for disobeying the rules and the more serious the rule the longer the detention. Detentions are set for not giving in homework, disobedience and being constantly late to school or class.

What is a Form Tutor?

This is one of our teachers in charge of your tutor group and will look after you for your 5 years at Crofton.

What are the rules about mobile phones?

You’re allowed to have your mobile phones as long as they are switched off during school hours.

Where do we keep our school books and PE kit at school?

You can buy a locker for £2 and you keep it for the whole year. You can keep all of your books and PE kit in there.

How do I find my way around?

You will have a map and both staff and students at Crofton will always help you.