The Curriculum

We believe that effective learning and teaching takes place at Crofton School when:

  • The curriculum is challenging and meets the varied needs of all students

  • The curriculum provides opportunities for a wide range of interesting, balanced and relevant learning for students of all abilities

  • All students will have access to a curriculum that will prepare them for life beyond Crofton School


Independent Learning Policy

2019/2021 structure is listed below


2 week timetable – 50 periods

  • In Years 7-9 students are taught either as mixed ability or banded.

  • In Year 7, banding takes place in Maths and Science. All other subjects are taught as tutor groups or in tutor group blocks.

  • In Year 8 and 9, banding takes place in Maths, Science and MFL. All other subjects are mixed ability. We are always reviewing our banding procedures so we can meet the needs of all students.

  • PE is taught in mixed gender groups in all years.

  • Subjects teach in mixed ability where it is beneficial for students to be able to work alongside different abilities. The more able are often able to lead in teaching to consolidate their learning and articulate ideas in different ways, in order that they use skills and knowledge in transferrable ways.

  • In KS4, students are banded in Maths and Science. In English, most classes are mixed ability. All option classes are mixed ability.