The Curriculum

We believe that effective learning and teaching takes place at Crofton School when:

  • The curriculum is challenging and meets the varied needs of all students

  • The curriculum provides opportunities for a wide range of interesting, balanced and relevant learning for students of all abilities

  • All students will have access to a curriculum that will prepare them for life beyond Crofton School


Independant Learning Policy


The values that underpin the Crofton School Curriculum are:

  • Kindness, ambition and diligence
  • Fairness of access
  • The promotion of tolerance
  • The belief in the importance of individual and institutional self-esteem
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Care for individuals
  • Honesty
  • The belief in the school as the beginning of life long learning
  • The importance of:
  • success for each individual
  • academic and personal challenge
  • collaborative partnership with parents and the community
At Crofton School we are striving to develop a curriculum which:
  • is matched to all our students
  • develops skills for now and the future
  • promotes independent learning
  • engages with alternative methods of teaching and technology
  • offers guided choice at KS4
  • considers progression from KS2 and beyond KS4
  • values and promotes equality of provision for all


  • At KS4 students can take GCSEs in a range of subjects.
  • We actively create option groups to ensure class sizes enable students to make good progress.
  • Parents and students are guided through the preference process for KS4 by having option talks, an option evening and careers guidance.
  • A careers programme allows students insight into possibility beyond KS4.
  • For able students we offer Statistics/FSMQ, triple science and a second language as option courses in KS4.
  • Students are invited to study triple science, computer science and statistics/FSMQ. We recognise the rigour of these subjects and strive for students to be successful when they embark on studying them. Triple science is taught in the same curriculum time as combined science (Trilogy); it is therefore only offered to the most able students.
  • Parents wishing to withdraw their son or daughter from RE lessons must formally write to the Head Teacher to request this.
  • Parents wishing to withdraw from aspects of the sex education programme in PDL on moral grounds must formally write to the Head Teacher to request this.
  • All students at KS3 and KS4 follow a Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship education programme known as PDL.
  • SMSC/British Values (Spiritual, moral, social and cultural) education is delivered through subject areas and all aspects of school life.
  • The importance of cross curricular themes: e.g. Literacy, Numeracy and ICT are reinforced when lesson planning.
  • Extracurricular clubs are encouraged to enable students to be proud of their talents and interests outside of the National Curriculum.
  • Although carefully monitored for impact, educational trips in curriculum time are encouraged.
  • Participation in extracurricular quizzes and competitions is encouraged.
  • The philosophy for PE at Crofton School is one of enjoyment and understanding the fun and health advantages of sport. Sports for all is the culture the school works towards; all students are encouraged and supported in participating in a range of PE activities. We also offer GCSE PE.
  • At KS4 all students study History or Geography, students may study both if they wish.

2019/2021 structure is listed below


2 week timetable – 50 periods

  • In Years 7-9 students are taught either as mixed ability or banded.

  • In Year 7, banding takes place in Maths and Science. All other subjects are taught as tutor groups or in tutor group blocks.

  • In Year 8 and 9, banding takes place in Maths, Science and MFL. All other subjects are mixed ability. We are always reviewing our banding procedures so we can meet the needs of all students.

  • PE is taught in mixed gender groups in all years.

  • Subjects teach in mixed ability where it is beneficial for students to be able to work alongside different abilities. The more able are often able to lead in teaching to consolidate their learning and articulate ideas in different ways, in order that they use skills and knowledge in transferrable ways.

  • In KS4, students are banded in Maths and Science. In English, most classes are mixed ability. All option classes are mixed ability.


Crofton School KS4 Curriculum Structure – Years 10/11


Crofton School KS3 Curriculum Structure – Year 7

Crofton School KS3 Curriculum Structure – Year 8

Crofton School KS3 Curriculum Structure – Year 9