In Science we actively encourage you to be an Independent Learner and extend your knowledge outside of your normal lessons.


Below are some useful resources that are a good place to start when looking to develop your knowledge:

  • BBC Focus Magazine - An excellent, monthly magazine featuring articles on popular science and technology pitched at just the right level for our pupils. If we could only suggest one resource, this would be it.

  • A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson - Often of recommended reading lists for A-level or degree, but certainly accessible to our students. Easy to read and covers many areas of popular science.

  • Boffinology - Justin Pollard - A fantastic collection of (short) stories and anecdotes about the successes (and disasters) of a number of scientists.


Useful Links:

  • Nelson Thornes AQA GCSE Science books. Now out of print as taken over by OUP (see below) but these are the books that we use in Science lessons

  • Oxford University Press - AQA GCSE Science books - Click here

  • gg/CroftonScience - Our own web resource with lots of past paper questions


Revision Guides:

  • CGP Triple Science (sold as a set) £16.50: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

  • CGP Core & Additional Science (sold separately) Core £5.50, Additional £5.50