Remote Teaching and Learning 



  • Ensure continuity of the planned curriculum 

  • Ensure feedback is provided to support student progress 

  • Ensure students continue to experience a variety of teaching styles/resources 


The remote education 

We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school, in the majority of cases. However, in some subjects we have had to make some adjustments e.g. practical subjects where students will not have access to materials at home. Where this is the case, we have used alternatives e.g. videos, watching teacher demonstrations or producing materials using ICT. 


The vast majority of lessons will be delivered via live Teaching on Teams. All live teaching sessions will be scheduled within times where that subject would normally be delivered on the timetable. 

Where live teaching is not planned work will be set on SatchelOne for students to complete independently, teachers will always be available via SatchelOne or Teams chat facility to respond to any questions/concerns from students. Any resources that students need for a lesson will be uploaded to SatchelOne or any alternative platform that students have been using e.g. Teams for assignments. 


Accessing remote education 

All students have been shown how to access and logon to their Live Teams lessons. A support booklet has been uploaded to SatchelOne for students to refer to.  

Laptops have been allocated to students in all Year groups where they are needed and support with any additional resources is in place. If students need additional resources these can be provided. Students can scan work into their phones and email or post into school.  


Any student or parent experiencing technical issues with remote education should email for IT support. All other enquiries about remote education should be referred your child’s teachers, as you would any other concern about their lessons or progress. 



How will my child be taught remotely? 

Teachers will continue to provide a variety of teaching materials/styles of learning.  

During Live Teams lessons, students will have an opportunity to be involved in class discussions, questions and answers and practising their vocabulary e.g. in MFL. 

Teachers may also use recorded resources e.g. Oak Academy materials, GCSE pod and their own recordings on powerpoint or Loom. 

In subjects where, longer term projects are being set teachers will ensure deadlines are clear for students and they receive regular feedback on the progress they are making on their project. Where project work has been set staff will continue to work with students via Teams to provide feedback, share exemplar work and pick up any student questions. 

Teachers will provide frequent, clear explanations of new content and provide opportunities for interactivity, including questioning, discussion, provide scaffolded practice and opportunities to apply new knowledge 



The pastoral team will monitor daily which students have not accessed their learning.  

Parents will be contacted to raise any issues and seek solutions.   

Tutors will have a 20-minute registration period each day, this will enable them to monitor student engagement and follow up any concerns. 

Tutors will deliver the planned tutor time programme including assemblies and will deliver the fortnightly PDL lessons. 


Assessment and Feedback 


Teachers will ensure students receive timely feedback on how to progress, using digitally facilitated or whole-class feedback where appropriate 

Teachers will use assessment to ensure teaching is responsive to pupils’ needs and addresses any critical gaps in pupils’ knowledge 


Additional support with pupils with particular needs 

We recognise that some pupils, for example with special education needs and disabilities (SEND), will need additional support. 

LSAs will liaise closely with their key students to ensure they have the correct resources, support in their learning.  

Learning Support Assistants will monitor engagement with work and make contact home to support learning and address any issues.