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Year 11 Update Letter

Dear Year 11 Students, Parents and Carers,

I hope you and your family are well. I am writing this letter primarily to Year 11 students and hope parents and carers will pass this on to you. I want to update you on some areas I know you are interested in and have been asking about.

I know these last few months will have been very difficult for you all. We had expected at this time to be coming to the end of the GCSE exams, we would probably have had our leavers’ assembly and been looking forward to the Prom and a long and relaxing summer. All of this has been lost, and although we all know this is nobody’s fault, many of you will be feeling sad and upset about how differently things have turned out for your year group. At the same time many of you will have had to cope with difficult circumstances at home, changes in routines, and in some cases illness and sadly bereavement. It is never easy being a 16 year old, but the current times will have tested you more than most at your age.

Amidst all of this, I have been so impressed with the resilience you have shown. Many of you have continued to stay in touch with staff and engaged with tutor activities, begun working on transition materials from FE Colleges, and got involved in all sorts of interesting activities to support each other and the national effort to beat this horrible virus. You have always been a great year group but this last phase of your time at Crofton has really shown you at your best...

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> Year 11 Update Letter

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