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World Book Day - Thursday 5th March

Unfortunately, for school-aged children, books are not always the most interesting thing in our worlds. What with all the new and current forms of video games, we can often forget about the wonderful worlds that books can transport us to with just one page.

On Thursday 5th of March, schools come together to celebrate World Book Day. Personally, I think that this is one of the most important and best-themed days of the year; as it gives us a chance to enhance our knowledge of books and find new interests that captivate us - which all helps towards our future.

Here at Crofton School, we believe that World Book Day is a great opportunity to encourage reading in all ages. Therefore, both students and teachers have the opportunity to dress-up as a book character of their choice for a day.

We spoke to Mrs Dix who organises and promotes our World Book Day celebrations, to find out a little bit more information:

While dressing up may be a very fun part of World Book Day, it's not what it's all about. The main aim is to get young people thinking about books and encouraging them to read more.

Some children might not like reading or struggle with it, so it can be a positive promotional event for them. Others may not have their own books at home, so the tokens can provide them with an opportunity to get their first book. The World Book Day charity did some research in 2016 and found that for 1 in 4 kids, the book they bought with their token was the first one they owned!

At Crofton School we use the excuse of World Book Day to remind everyone that reading should be fun – after all if you’re not enjoying it you’re reading the wrong book!

Last year, Crofton LRC ran a Bookface Competition where you had to pose as the front cover of a book. This year, the competition is even better! Students and staff are invited to create and send a short story - of no more than 140 characters – which is a challenge we can all enjoy!

Make sure you get involved this World Book Day!

By Nixie C-B


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