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Work Experience in May 2020 Update

Dear Parent/Guardian

Work Experience May 2020 Update I hope that you are all safe and well. These are still very uncertain times, and at present we have no date as to when students will return to school. In addition, there is of course a great deal of uncertainty with many businesses, and their ability to return to normality.

Although it is unlikely to be completely unexpected, it is with sadness, that we have taken the decision to cancel Work Experience in May 2020 for all year 10 Students. I know that students will be disappointed, and for this I am sorry, as I know that many were looking forward to the opportunity however, at present the school cannot see any way to complete Work Experience in a practical or safe way for our students.

When we return to school fully, we will work with EBP South, our work experience organiser, and potentially some other providers, to see what work experience activities could be arranged for the Year 10 students outside of curriculum time. We will, of course, inform you as soon as possible of the activities available so that your child can choose if they would like to participate.

In the meantime, we are updating our careers information regularly, and resources can be found on student tab on the school website https://www.croftonschool.co.uk/careers Take care and stay safe.

Miss A Knight

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