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Remembrance Day 2022

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

We are very proud of the exceptional way Crofton students marked the national act of remembrance at 11 am today.

The whole school gathered in the Quad where the start of the 2 minute silence was signalled by Harry U (Year 9) playing the Last Post on the bugle. The parade was led by Sergeant Phoebe B (Yr 11).

Our parade students: Caitlin A Yr 7, Sergeant Phoebe B Yr 11, Ben C Yr 11, Sophie C Yr 8, Ty C Yr 8, Theo B Yr 7, Aidan F Yr 7, Callum G Yr 7, Ralph G Yr 9, Jay H Yr 9, Emily H Yr 8, Catherine O Yr 9, Alexandra M Yr 10, Emily P Yr 9, Evie R Yr 8, Jake S Yr 9, Harry U Yr 9, Samuel W Yr 8, Ellis W Yr 7, Alasdair W Yr 8.


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