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Reducing Plastic Waste at Crofton

In September 2019, our group took part in a global strike protesting climate change. After being recognised by the school for this, we began to work with the teachers to reduce the huge amounts of plastic waste in school.

We have made a lot of progress and hope to make further changes in the future.Climate change is an issue which affects everyone and is only getting worse, which is why something must be done about it as soon as possible.

Plastic waste has proven to be one of many causes of pollution, both in the air and sea due to the copious amounts of greenhouse gases that are emitted when it is recycled or produced and that which isn’t recycled is left in landfill sites or dumped in the sea to “decompose” over hundreds of years. For this reason, we need to find eco-friendly alternatives to plastic.We have made several changes at Crofton.

In the canteen, we have begun serving food in cardboard containers which can be recycled, and some items of food are sold in compost-able pots. A fruit juice dispenser has also been ordered, which will encourage students to bring their own reusable bottles to school and many more trees have been planted around the school.

We also plan to purchase new bins to separate food waste from recyclable waste and hope to introduce a reusable Crofton water bottle which will be available to students when they join the school.We look forward to having an eco-friendly school and hope that by making these changes, we inspire other schools to do the same.

Lia C, Emily E, Olivia C, Adam T and Dylan B


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