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Open Mic Concert Success

Crofton School's Open Mic Concert triumphed as students gave incredible performances to friends and family.

Music is a part of our daily lives, and for secondary school students, there are often not many opportunities for them to take part in activities that will teach them more about music. This is why Crofton School has at least two concerts a year; a Christmas concert and a summer concert.

This year, on Tuesday the 19th of October, there was an Open Mic concert. This was a great chance to get back into doing events such as these, as we haven’t been able to put on something like this since before the first COVID-19 closures. It was great to see so many students involved and performing to parents, friends and family.

There were a large variety of children, ranging from Year 7 to Year 11, and they all put on incredible performances.

The students put together their own performances and we had a fantastic start to the show with ‘No-Way’ from the musical Six, sung with confidence from a Year 7 student. One performance even used props to perform ‘The Cup Song’ acapella!

The second half of the concert was for the Key Stage 4 students to perform, which was kicked off by a Year 10 pop band playing a powerful song they wrote themselves.

Amelia Cripps in Year 10, who performed ‘This is Home’ by Cavetown on the ukulele, beautifully said: ‘My favourite part of tonight was performing and the atmosphere. I also really enjoyed the support from my friends.’

Act Two was drawn to a close with a couple of duets and a large group number from Year 11 students. Overall, there were lots of fantastic performances from students of all ages.

Mr Oliver, Head of Music, said: ‘This year has been amazing. This time around when I had the auditions I had so many people I had to cut some out. Last time I had to ask people to play more than one thing.’

It is so wonderful to see that the COVID-19 restrictions have reinstated our love of music!

A huge thanks to Mr Oliver for all of his hard work put in to making this concert happen.

Events like these are great ways to do something you love in a safe environment where you can build your confidence. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I think that all schools and youth groups should offer events such as this to students.

There is no better way to enjoy music than in-person and these students did an incredible job!

By Nixie C-B - Year 10


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