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New Year, New You?

With the arrival of 2022, millions of people across the world are making New Year’s resolutions; promises to themselves to lose weight, succeed at school or work, save money, eat healthier and have an overall better year than the last. Especially after an abnormally difficult two years, many will be relying on these resolutions to provide them with a positive start to the New Year. However, are New Year’s resolutions really the fresh start people are looking for?

Every year since the Babylonians, millions across the world have made New Year’s resolutions as something to focus on in the New Year that will increase their well-being. With the New Year comes a fresh start for many; an opportunity to focus on our goals and values. It’s a step in the right direction to make a positive change and signifies an aspiration to accomplish something we wish to do.

However, as the years have gone by, fewer people are relying on New Year’s resolutions to commit to change. They may seem like a step in the right direction, but can actually have some negative downsides. By February, approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned, leaving people feeling as if they have failed and are lazy, which isn’t the best way to ‘set the tone’ for the rest of the year.

“Most New Year's resolutions are doomed to failure because it takes a lot more than a resolution to change,” stated Warren Holleman, a director at a health and well-being programme.

Many other specialists agree with him - the majority of New Year’s resolutions are not relevant or specific enough, so never generate enough motivation in someone to complete them, as they seem unachievable.

Overall, some people don’t like making New Year’s resolutions as they focus on the negative aspects about ourselves and our lives that we are not satisfied with.

Nonetheless, New Year’s Resolutions are still very popular and achievable for many.

Have you made a resolution for 2022 and will you be sticking to it?

By Niamh O - Year 10


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