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Face Coverings Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

I have been hugely impressed with the response of students this week to the many different measures we have put in place to make the return to school as safe as possible. Your children have represented our school values of kindness, ambition and diligence exceptionally, and are a real credit to you as parents. This, along with the excellent levels of attendance this week, I hope indicates the high level of confidence you have in these measures, and I very much appreciate your support.

We have been closely monitoring the effectiveness of our different safety measures this week and I am pleased to report they are working very well. However, given the sharp national rise in Covid-19 cases in recent days, we have decided to make one significant change to the use of face coverings. Nationwide, the government is not recommending face coverings are necessary in education settings generally because a system of control, applicable to all education environments, provides additional mitigating measures. However, Headteachers do have the discretion to require the wearing of face coverings as an additional measure.

Therefore, from Monday 14 September, we will be asking all students to wear face coverings in two circumstances:

  1. When moving between lessons and to break and lunchtime, because these are points in the school day when distancing is more difficult for students. Their use remains optional during breaks and lunchtimes (unless queueing for food) as distancing is much easier at these times within their year group zones.

  2. When arriving at and leaving the school site because, despite being outside, these are times when all students will be briefly in contact with significant numbers of students from other year groups. We would also encourage their use on the journey to and from school. All students will need to bring a face covering with them from Monday 14 September onwards, and a plastic bag to hygienically store them when not in use. Hand sanitiser continues to be provided in all classrooms and around the school site. However, given the need to sanitise hands when putting on and removing face coverings, it will be beneficial for all students to carry their own hand sanitiser.

Please continue to read the full letter by clicking the link below...

> Face Coverings Update Letter


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