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Exciting STEM Roadshow Sparks Innovation at Crofton School!

Our Year 8 students were treated to an unforgettable STEM adventure last Thursday.

From unravelling the mysteries of electricity generation to exploring the wonders of conductors and insulators, our students delved deep into the world of science and technology. But this wasn't your typical classroom lecture!

Interactive challenges and experiments took centre-stage, as students and staff alike took part in quizzes and breath-taking activities.

Our students' enthusiasm soared higher than a rocket launch and their eagerness to learn and engage was truly electrifying. We couldn't be prouder of their curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

A massive 'thank you' to Matt, Charlotte, Ellie, and the entire team from BAE Systems, Royal Navy, and the Royal Air Force for igniting the spark of innovation in our students and for helping to keep the STEM spirit alive.


Mrs Grainger

Careers Coordinator



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