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Deforestation Destroys Habitats in the Amazon

The once beautiful and exotic jungle, the Amazon, is being slowly destroyed by deforestation.Although a few trees may seem ok to most people, others would arguably say every tree makes a difference to many different species of animals.

These trees are part of a habitat home to many organisms; from insects to jaguars. Some of us don’treally care about cutting down some trees, but to the animals that live there it means a whole lot more.These actions may even force them to move to another section of the jungle. This can affect the animal, as it may not have access to the essentials it needs to survive and finding another safe habitat that is suitable and has food, water and no predators could take time.

Cutting down trees also reduces oxygen; this means we are destroying the lungs of the earth.However, people of some countries such as Brazil rely on logging for their income. Despite this, they could find an alternative source of work, such as tourism or other industries that don’t harm the planet, the environment, and the animals that live there.Arthur, age 11, was asked what he felt on the situation, “I feel disappointed and sad because there are so many other resources we could use to make things, yet we use trees and cutting down trees affects the wellbeing of the animals that live there.” The advice Arthur would give to people who are logging would be, “why log when there are lots of other jobs on offer”.

Stopping deforestation would not just help the jungle and its animals thrive, it would also stop the sea level rising which would also prevent flooding.

Will you help to stop logging and instead find a solution that will benefit both the jungle and us as humans?

By Amelie L


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