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Companies Offering Work Experience

Unfortunately, this year we are unable to offer work experience placements for year 10 students. However, this does not mean that the students will not be able to have the experience of working with an employer.

If you would like to seek your own work experience you may wish to contact a company of your choice to see if they would be able to offer you some experience. The placement would have to be approved by a parent/carer and arranged directly with the employer, not through school(this year). Here are a few companies that may be able to offer work experience (virtual) during this academic year and the summer months.

Please contact the companies direct and sign up asap as spaces could be limited. They would look great to put on your CV.

More opportunities will be available for virtual work experience programmes from Vodafone, Nestle, NHS Trusts and more. More details to follow soon on our website.

Please click on the document below to view a list of companies currently offering work experience and relevent links...

Companies Offering Work Experience Oct 2021)
Download PDF • 113KB