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Careers - Celebrating Our Work It Heroes

Below are some career talks connecting young people with stories from slightly older peers who have recently made that transition into the workplace from education.   They came to you from a diverse range of voices - apprentices, trainees and graduates from different backgrounds and ways of life, reflecting the variety of young people you support in your work.

  • You met Bejay, an East London Entrepreneur with his own small business Supa Network– who started from humble beginnings, with a lemonade stand in his school playground. 

  • You met Alex – who proved that whether you’re able or disabled, a determined mindset can overcome any obstacle. He fulfilled his dream of working in public administration at The Cabinet Office

  • You met Callum – who focused on his people skills to get the job he wanted at Aviva

We will continue sharing these stories with you, so that you can share them with young people and their parents. Because we know there is more work to do – and young people need our collective support. 

Work It will be back next term. Have a great summer break!


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