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A Christmas Carol

On the night before Charles Dickens was born, John Dickens and his heavily pregnant wife Elizabeth, attended a naval ball in the building we now call Groundlings Theatre. At around midnight she went into labour and a few hours later, on 7th February 1812, Portsmouth’s most famous son was born into the world.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was performed at Groundlings Theatre, Portsmouth on 21st November 2019, and we were luckily enough to be in the audience.“It is 1866 and two of Dickens’ closest theatrical companions find themselves trapped in the footlights’ glare. With the rest of the cast stuck on a train, actress Frances Ternan and Dickens’ faithful tour manager George Dolby take on the daunting challenge of playing over 30 characters.”It was an amazing performance.

In particular we liked how the audience were included as part of the play when we were “ignorance” and “want”. We especially enjoyed how the actors managed to act all those characters on their own with different voices. All the props were on stage and character transitions happened smoothly throughout the performance.

“I thought it was good!”

“It was so cool.” Lewis - Year 9

“It was really magical!” Ellie- Year 9

“The performance was absolutely spectacular!” Callum HM - Year 9

“I would watch it again.” Callum C- Year 9

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