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These are My Friends, See How They Glisten...

Our last #MeetTheCast&CrewMondays goes to.......

Our wonderfully talented Year 10 student, Dan, who is playing the one and only Sweeney Todd. This is Dan's second production at Crofton School and he is ecstatic to be playing the mysteriously crazy Mr Todd.

Sweeney Todd (Benjamin Barker) has it all- a loving wife, a beautiful baby girl and a future that looks very very bright.. until he comes across the wrong man. Judge Turpin is jealous of Todd and his wife and sends Sweeney Todd away for life... or so Judge Turpin thinks.

Benjamin Barker returns as Sweeney Todd filled with vengeance and ready to take his life back...

Will Sweeney be reunited with his loving wife and family? Can he get his life back?


Wednesday 10th July- 7pm Thursday 11th July- 7pm Friday 12th- 7pm

You will not want to miss out-please get in touch with Finance to secure your tickets.



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