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By The Sea Mr Todd WooHoo, By The Beautiful Sea...

This weeks #MeetTheCast&CrewMondays goes to our wonderful Year 11 student, Nalah, who is playing the one and only Mrs Lovett. Nalah has been in various productions during her time at Crofton School and is super excited to be taking on this lead role in her final production.

Mrs Lovett is a childless widower who is struggling to make ends meet and although she has a business, she makes the 'worst pies in London'. On the verge of poverty, Mrs Lovett becomes business partners with the returned Mr Todd.

Whilst in business together, Mrs Lovett falls in love with Mr Todd and wants nothing but love and a family.... Can Sweeney Todd give Mrs Lovett what she needs? Can he forget about his past and create a future with Mrs Lovett? Will their mysterious recipe for pies be unveiled?

You will not want to miss Nalah as Mrs Lovett in Crofton schools production of Sweeney Todd- Please get your tickets from Finance!

Show times:

Wednesday 10th July- 7pm Thursday 11th July- 7pm

Friday 12th July-7pm



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