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Heads of Year - September Start

At the end of this term Mr Marshall (Head of Year 7) and Mr Ridley (Head of Year 10) will sadly be leaving Crofton to take up promoted posts in other schools. We will be very sorry to see them go, and I am sure you will join me in passing on my thanks for everything they have done for Crofton students during their time with us.

I am pleased to inform you we have recruited replacements for them to start in September, Mr Playford (who some of you will know from his previous work at Crofton school in the PE team) and Ms Young (an experienced Head of Year from another local school). We have therefore assigned Heads of Year from September as follows:

Year 7: Mr Playford

Year 8 (Current Year 7): Mr Anderson

Year 9 (Current Year 8): Ms Young

Year 10 (Current Year 9): Mr Allen

Year 11 (Current Year 10): Mrs Lanham

These changes will take effect from the start of the Autumn term, with the exception of Mr Anderson, who will be taking over as Head of Year for our current Year 7s when they move into Year 8 next week.

Where there will be changes individual Heads of Year will be writing to the Parents of their year group to introduce themselves before the end of the term.

Yours sincerely,

Mr S Harrison



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