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Bicycle Theft - Underlining Bicycle Security

We are sad to report that we have had two separate incidents regarding a bicycle being stolen the school site. Again the bicycles had been left unlocked in the racks with the thieves entering the site via the School entrance.

In response to this, the police visited the site on Wednesday and removed all bikes which were unlocked for the owners to come and claim them. This exercise proved successful in highlighting the need to secure bicycles appropriately whilst on site and there have been a number of positive conversations with students regarding this, however I can report there are still students leaving their bicycles unlocked, lent against traffic bollards and these are the bikes being targeted by the thieves.

Please can you remind your children that due to the nature of access to our site it is impossible to guarantee the security of bicycles which are left unlocked and if they plan to cycle to school they should have a working lock which can be used to secure the bicycle.

At this time it is also worth mentioning that other schools in the area have reported similar incidents. We are continually looking to improve our site in terms of safety and security, however the simplest, quickest and most effective answer is to keep the bikes locked once they get to school.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in this matter.

Kind Regards

Mr J Hickey

Operations Director


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