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Science Revision Year 11

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The science department is pleased to continue with our revision programme aimed at supporting your child to achieve their full potential with their studies this year. As I’m sure you are aware, your son/daughter is due to be taking their science exams next summer. Due to the nature of the course, students will be examined on all of the topics covered in both year 10 and year 11. In previous years, we have found that those pupils that achieve the highest scores are those that are most familiar with the earlier topics studied as they provide an essential foundation for their learning. To support this, we will be running a revision programme after school every Tuesday and would like to extend our invitation to your son/daughter.

These sessions are not compulsory, but do provide an excellent opportunity for students to complement their independent study at home. The sessions will take place on Tuesdays for an hour after school and will be under the supervision of the science teaching staff. We have attached the schedule for your information.

Year 11 mocks are scheduled for the week commencing the 12 November 2018. In order to support students with their revision the first 9 sessions in the lead up to the mock exams focus on the Unit 1 content, which they will be tested on. Furthermore the students homework will be Unit 1 focussed so it is imperative students’ are completing all their homework to the best of their ability. It is also worth noting that these mock exams results will heavily influence your son/ daughters tier of entry for their final exams. It is essential that in addition to their homework and the revision sessions that students are revising independently at home due to the volume of content students are expected to recall and apply in their Unit 1 examinations.

Yours faithfully,

Miss Amiee Candy

Faculty Leader for Science

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